Portable Restrooms for All Major Event Types

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At Party John, we have portable restrooms and luxury restroom trailers to rent for all types of special events for both families and businesses.

Our portable restrooms are suited to:

Benefits our other clients have expressed include:

  1. avoiding long lines for restrooms
  2. meeting the needs of your customers or guests where they are
  3. conserving water when compared to other restroom facilities
  4. providing a more private and sanitary place for guests to go to the bathroom
  5. having our staff clean and maintain them—a high priority for all our units

Our restrooms have a comfortable, well-ventilated interior, with a mirror, shelf and motion activated led lights inside the cabin of every unit. Our luxury trailers include dual sink basins for handwashing, heat and air conditioning and are well lit with upgraded light fixtures. 

We also have restrooms to meet your needs for compliance to the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, for local and federal laws and regulations. Please contact us about differences in unit size and price.

All Major Events

We have portable restrooms for all your special event needs, with several options and styles to meet the aesthetic or available room your event may have. For smaller projects, events, or construction sites, our single portable restrooms may be the perfect fit.

A luxury restroom trailer may be more suitable for a wedding, wedding shower, anniversary party, wineries, or corporate outdoor events. 

We have two luxury trailers which come with built-in sinks with heated water, mirrors, and decorative flooring. They serve between 225 – 300 people or less depending on whether it’s a 3-stall or 5-stall luxury unit. 

Construction Sites

Working on a construction site in an inconvenient location, on a building, a parking lot,  or stadium? 

Our portable restrooms provide you with a sanitary solution to your problems. Use one of our on-location units to avoid the drive or walk to find a bathroom.

You can rent one or several of our portable units for one day, a week, or longer. 


Many wedding venues are primarily outdoors or do not have enough restrooms to accommodate large guest counts. . Renting one of our standard or luxury restroom trailers is an answer to your bathroom problem without compromising the upscale or classy feel to your event. 

While many venues can accommodate the restroom needs for 100-150 guests, they often cannot accommodate 200-300 guests, which is where Party John comes in—keep your guests happy, with little to no lines.

If you are having a backyard wedding or somewhere which is not typically a wedding venue, our luxury trailers are also perfect for these occasions! 

Depending on the size of the wedding, we may suggest one or more units to ensure proper space, reduced lines, and other conveniences such as having one restroom on either side of the event.

Sporting Events, Tournaments, & Tailgating

Our portable toilets are well designed for major sporting events, tournaments, and tailgating and are suited for crowds of these events may have children, adults, and seniors alike. 

You can rent as many units as you need! Talk to us about your guest count and we can help ensure you get the right amount of units! They are sanitary and very well maintained by our staff. 

We have ADA accessible and compliant units which meet the standards needed for compliance for major events such as these. 

Multi-day event? Not a problem—we’ll make sure the restrooms are cleaned, maintained and ready to go.

Our goal is to take an, oftentimes, unpleasant experience and make it amazingly pleasant and… dare we say… fun.

Business or Home Remodeling

Found yourself remodeling your business or home and are without accessible restrooms?

Our portable restrooms are an easy solution for your family, employees and customers while the remodeling takes place. 

A clean and sanitary facility eliminates one more chore for your busy employees and workers while the job is completed. 

Short term rentals are available, but we can rent for several months, as well, as some jobs may have longer timelines. 

Emergency & Disaster Relief

Emergency medical personnel and disaster relief staff often need portable bathrooms for a few days or longer when natural events occur. 

Earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, gas leaks and more can cause accidents and the need for medical and disaster relief experts to work in more remote areas for several weeks or longer. 

Renting portable units for these situations is an excellent choice to resolve one problem these unexpected events often bring. 

Festivals and Flea Markets

Outdoor festivals, flea markets, and collectible shows outdoors attract children, adults, and seniors in large numbers.

Our portable toilets will provide a relaxed, sanitary place to go to the bathroom where restrooms may otherwise be limited or in high demand.

Again, we have available units which are wheelchair and handicap accessible, meeting all ADA standards. Ask us how many units may be necessary to serve these larger events.


Our luxury trailers are a great addition to any TV or Movie set—give the talent and crew the luxury restrooms they deserve!

You can rent one or several units depending on the number of days you will be working on location. They provide a sanitary luxury bathroom for all employees.

Corporate Events

Our bathrooms are ideal for special corporate events, when indoor restrooms exceed capacity or when held outdoors, such as picnics, promotions, and celebrations.

Our meticulously clean luxury trailers may be a perfect solution for your event, and will keep the standards high for all attendees.

Lakes & Campgrounds

Portable bathrooms are essential for lakes and campgrounds, and guests expect them to be clean, sanitary, and well maintained. 

Our portable bathrooms fit the outdoor environment and you can rent them for the warm season or all year long. 

Contact us here at Party John in upstate South Carolina about portable bathroom unit rentals or luxury bathroom trailers by calling 864-863-5874, email us, or fill out our rental form today.