Portable Restrooms for Festivals, Country Fairs, and Flea Markets

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If you’re an event planner or manager in Anderson, South Carolina, planning a festival, county fair, or flea market while providing adequate restroom facilities is a crucial consideration.

Festivals, flea markets, and county fairs often attract large crowds to venues which usually don’t have enough permanent facilities.

In addition to meeting local standards and requirements for portable restrooms and washing stations, Party John offers a range of portable restroom facilities and luxury restroom trailers to complement your event needs and requisites.

Facilities for Festivals, Fairs & Flea Markets

When planning a festival, county fair, or flea market, the number and placement of restrooms are key.

Here’s a quick checklist of things you may need to review:

  1. Account for total attendees, event duration, and food and beverage consumption, which can increase restroom usage.
  2. Consider the event layout, ensuring restrooms are accessible and ADA-compliant.
  3. Adhere to health and hygiene standards, providing adequate hand-washing stations and sanitizers.
  4. Finally, comply with local restroom regulations, potentially exceeding minimums for attendee comfort.

We can guide you through these factors to ensure sufficient facilities.

A Variety of Options

Today’s portable restrooms and hand-washing stations are a far cry from the old-school port-a-potties.

Standard Restrooms

Our standard restrooms offer spacious interiors and in-vent screens for continuous airflow. Solar-powered, motion-activated LED lights ensure visibility and safety during evening events. Additional features include coat hooks, mirrors, self-closing doors, and corner shelves.

ADA-Compliant Restrooms

Our handicap-accessible units are equipped with grab rails, and extra space to accommodate all wheelchair models, making them ideal for guests with mobility impairment or physical challenges.

Hand-washing Stations

Our touchless hand-washing stations, equipped with foot pedals for water dispensing, as well as soap and paper towels, are essential for maintaining hygiene and meeting guest expectations. We offer double sink options.

Luxury Trailers

For a more upscale experience, consider our luxury trailers.

These units feature decorative flooring, enhanced lighting, full-length stall doors, and other amenities.

Used for other events like corporate gatherings, weddings, or formal events, our luxury trailers have self-contained power and water systems, requiring no on-site connections. Heated water at hand-washing stations is also available.

Outfit Your Next Fair, Flea Market, or Festival Event

Party John has partnered with many local businesses, special event venues, and outdoor facilities in Anderson, South Carolina, and we’re ready to assist you, too.

We understand the needs of our local community and look forward to discussing the specific portable restroom requirements for your upcoming events.

Contact us today to learn more.