Portable Restrooms for Church Related Functions

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As churches grow, so do their events such as a summer festival, a congregational picnic, or even a church concert series.

In this case, your patrons may require more access to restrooms for all your attendees or members.

If so, let Party John provide exceptionally clean rentals and outstanding customer service. We aim to take an often unpleasant experience and make it amazingly pleasant.

What We Offer

Party John offers a wide range of portable restrooms providing cleanliness and sanitation perfect for your congregation’s next large or outdoor event.

For large church events, especially those held outdoors, your existing bathrooms may not be enough to cover your event adequately.

Particularly, where your event may last for a weekend or longer, your existing facilities can be exceeded or just less disturbed when you take advantage of Party John’s service and equipment.

We will ensure your facilities are stocked and clean as needed, help you meet large event requirements, and simply offer a more convenient restroom experience.

High Standard Portable Toilets

Well-designed, state-of-the-art portable toilets offer your guests a comfortable and even roomy interior with high-flow vent screens to increase airflow and reduce odor.

Portable toilets may also come equipped with solar-powered, motion-activated LED lights to make nighttime use more convenient and comfortable.

Handicap Access

Party John also offers your church function handicap-accessible portable toilets offering safety, convenience, and comfort.

Wheelchair-accessible units may be required at church events, from weddings to concerts to fairs and more.

Our ADA units offer a portable toilet with an accessible entry, self-closing door, generous space, and interior grab rails. Our barrier-free door sill and extra wide doorway fit all current wheelchair models.


In addition to our clean and comfortable portable restrooms, Party John offers free-standing hand wash stations complete with fresh water, soap, and paper towels.

Foot pedal operation allows hands-free operation for an improved clean up experience. Single and double bowl sinks are available, while handicap access units include their own hand sanitizers already.

Luxury with Convenience Available Too

Party John also offers a 3-Station Luxury Restroom Trailer, a compact unit designed for events where quality is important but space is limited.

These high-end trailers have full-length doors, premium floors, upgraded lighting, and an overall luxurious experience. Generally best for events with 225 people or less, the trailer can be made very presentable with plants and other decor.

Immediately Usable

Party John luxury restroom trailers come pre-equipped with water and power from the trailer and don’t require any connection at your church location.

Party John will take care of the delivery, setup, breakdown and takeaway on your schedule.

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In the end, church events often call in large crowds and are often intended to do so for fundraising, entertainment or evangelism.

Let Party John help you plan the right facilities and sufficient numbers of them for your next outdoor event.