Portable Restrooms for Weddings & Receptions

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Wedding planners are often tasked with ensuring their clients have the best possible experience for their once in a lifetime, special day.

This likely includes providing a comfortable and convenient restroom experience for guests, especially for outdoor venues.

Portable restrooms can provide the perfect solution for you and your guests offering outdoor weddings and receptions restroom capabilities where you may otherwise not have access!

From luxury to basic units, Party John has the perfect portable restroom to suit your wedding and reception needs.

Types of Portable Restrooms for Weddings & Receptions

When selecting a portable restroom for your event, it’s important to consider the size and layout of the space.

If you have a large guest list, you may need to opt for our 5-station large luxury trailer with multiple stalls. Alternatively, if you are hosting a smaller event, perhaps one of our smaller portable units may be sufficient.

You should also consider the type of amenities you want to provide, such as a sink, hand sanitizer, lighting, and air fresheners. While some of our units do contain amenities, extra decorations or wedding themed supplies would not be included.

Of course, if you seek ADA compliance and wheelchair accessible accommodations, we can handle those requests, as well.

Benefits of Portable Luxury Restrooms

Portable restrooms offer a number of advantages over traditional facilities.

First, not only can they be installed quickly and easily, but we have several options, allowing you to pick the unit and size you need—all at very affordable rates in the upstate area.

We are also very flexible with setup and breakdown dates, making sure your guests are always taken care of. Whether it’s a midweek matrimony or weekend ceremony, we’ll be there.

And because they are designed to be portable, we can easily place them just about anywhere, within reason, to accommodate the venue and space available. We know not all wedding venues are the same, so the flexibility of having one of our trailers being able to move around as needed is a great bonus.

Additionally, if you are hosting an event in a more remote location, Party John is happy to help with electrical and water hookups so you can be sure to have the modern luxuries you seek wherever the nuptials or reception take place.

Stress-Free Cleaning At Your Event

At a wedding or reception, you already have plenty to stress about—a clean place to go should not be one of those things.

We guarantee the cleanliness of all our units, and regularly maintain and clean each portable restroom or luxury trailer to ensure the most pleasant experience. This can be especially ideal for events lasting over several days.

This includes refreshing the unit, topping off supplies as needed, and keeping them open for business as long as your event requires.

Choose Party John For Your Wedding & Reception

When planning a wedding or reception, providing a comfortable and convenient restroom experience for your guests should be a top priority.

Portable restrooms offer an ideal solution that can be tailored to the size, style, and location of any event.

With Party John, you can ensure your guests have the best possible experience, while also saving money and time.