Portable Restrooms for Sporting Events and Tournaments

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When it comes to outdoor sporting events, ensuring nearby, accessible restrooms is a must for any event coordinator.

Many high school and collegiate sporting events are located outdoors, and the available indoor bathrooms are typically far away or do not accommodate the needs of attendees. This is especially true for events which draw large numbers of away team visitors, or multi-sport, all-school events such as field days, which draw larger crowds.

If you’re planning a large sporting event or tournament, consider these five critical reasons to rent portable restrooms.

Supplemental Bathroom Coverage

Most outdoor sporting event venues offer indoor bathrooms, but they are either limited in number or far away from the event. This is not convenient for game attendees who don’t want to miss any more of the sporting event than they have to.

During peak times, like halftime at a football game or right when a game ends, bathrooms get peak usage. That means more clogs, more lines, and more frustrated game attendees. With supplemental bathroom coverage, your patrons can head to the bathroom whenever they want, and during peak times, there will always be a restroom available.

Portable Bathrooms Are Unisex

Have you ever been to a sporting event in a stadium? You’ve probably noticed the poorly designed interior bathrooms tend to not be made to accommodate women as quickly as men. This results in a long line at women’s restrooms.

Portable restrooms are unisex and first come, first serve, meaning everyone gets to use the bathroom when they need to, regardless of gender.

Save On Cleanup

Cleaning public areas like indoor restrooms following a large event is expensive when you count the custodial fees and potential damage to the restrooms. Clogged toilets, messy floors, and overflowing trash cans are a major problem for many interior restrooms after large events.

With portable restrooms, there is minimal clean up on your end. We transport and clean the restrooms so you don’t have to worry about it—or pay for those extra cleaning fees in traditional facilities.

When viewing our pricing, please consider cleaning and custodial fees are built in.

Pairing Concessions with Restroom Access

Concessions are a big money maker at many outdoor sporting events. And many people head to the restroom right before they make their halftime purchases.

Additionally, you may find customers might hesitate to buy the large soda if there aren’t clean, available restrooms nearby.

By having your portable restrooms in a visible location, especially near the concessions,  customers may be more likely to spend a little extra on concessions knowing they can get to a bathroom when needed, and they can get back to their seats before the big game starts the second half.

Portable Restrooms Make Your Event More Accessible

Some people with disabilities, families with young children, and senior citizens may face difficulty going far distances to use an indoor restroom during a sporting event. Plus, some disabled patrons may need a wider, wheelchair-accessible stall.

Fortunately, we provide portable restrooms that can be placed close to the sports field. We also provide Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant portable restrooms, which are wider, to allow patrons with wheelchairs access, allowing you to accommodate all of your patrons.

If you’re ready to create a profitable, accessible event full of lasting memories for your attendees, make it convenient and free of anxiety for them with portable restrooms. Avoid extra custodial fees, sell more concessions, and make sure your patrons have a fantastic experience at your next sporting event.